Transformación digital en Food & Beverage

Increase reliability in less than 15 days with our online predictive maintenance solution.

IoT Technology

¿Cómo predecimos fallas?

We combine IoT technology and artificial intelligence to provide unprecedented insight into your operations. 

Having this information allows you to increase the total reliability of the production process, generating important benefits for the company and the staff.


Take Your Industry To The Next Level

Avoid Unexpected Downtime
Increase Availability
Reduce Costs
Plan Maintenance
Get Notified 24x7
Support From Reliability Experts

Know Your Plant's Health In Real Time

"Their early alerts help us schedule stops and resolve small deviations. Without the monitoring they perform, they would become lost hours of production and major damage to equipment."
Ing. Suarez
Engineering and Maintenance Manager, leading multinational

Maintenance innovation implemented in minutes


IoT wireless sensors

Non-invasive wireless triaxial vibration and temperature sensors to monitor the health of critical assets 24 hours a day. Designed for industrial environments, explosive areas and inaccessible places.


Monitoreo online

Podrás gestionar el mantenimiento, conocer e interactuar con el estado de planta en tiempo real y desde cualquier dispositivo gracias a nuestra intuitiva plataforma web.


Predicción de fallas

Alertas instantáneas sobre los cambios de salud de tus activos, para predecir anomalías y mantenerse informado sobre el estado del proceso productivo.


Soporte personalizado

It is supported by our reliability specialists who work alongside the staff at each plant to maximize the impact of the technology.

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