Know the health of your plant at all times

Visualize the status of your production process wherever you are, to predict asset failures and modernize your maintenance planning.


Analysis and Reports

We deliver an intuitive web app, where you can analyze the status of your industrial plant  en tiempo real y desde cualquier dispositivo. Además creamos reportes con información clave para tomar decisiones estratégicas que optimizarán su producción.
  • Machine status identified with color code.
  • Assets ordered by criticality with the corrective recommendations by our reliability experts.
  • Events traceability, repairs and diagnoses made on each asset.
  • Tendencias históricas de cada variable monitoreada.

Our Success Leads To A Production Without Unplanned Downtimes And A Planified Maintenance.


Instantaneous Detection

Against health changes,  we program instantaneous alerts on the platform to be aware 24/7  de lo que sucede en cada rincón de su planta industrial.

  • Immediate notifications in case of detecting any health change.
  • Alerts through different channels to guarantee effective communication: SMS, Telegram, Email and Maper App.
  • Specific maintenance recommendations for each alert, distinguished by asset.


Do you want to optimize your entire operation?

Carry out a two weeks pilot in your most critical assets. This will showcase the value of our technology before you scale it to your whole operation.