Health Data In Real Time

Get Assets Data In Real

Our Wireless Sensors are installed on the most critical assets and provide real time information to monitor the health status of your Industrial Plant.

Analyze Multiple Variables Of Your Industrial Machines



Hassle-Free Implementation

The installation is done in a matter of minutes in a non-invasive way and on any type of machine, even in places with difficult access. 

Our solution is capable of acquiring data from any type of existing measurement technology.


Wireless Connection

Sensors don't require wired networks or plant WiFi, because they send data to the cloud in an autonomously way.

We can achieve this thanks to a 3G/4G gateway, wich provides an autonomous Internet connection and communicates all the sensors with our platform.

instalacion-de-sensores-en-maquinarias-industriales-para-monitoreo-predictivo (2)


IT Free Installation

When installing our devices, you don't have to involve the IT department, because the implementation is carried out without needing access to any internal plant network.


Sensorized IoT

Get notified about the health of machines that are installed in places of difficult access.


Do you want to optimize your entire operation?

Carry out a two weeks pilot in your most critical assets. This will showcase the value of our technology before you scale it to your whole operation.